About Psychic Sisters

'We work with the forces of Ancient, authentic magick, and make available metaphysical and paranormal items that we have collected and have been working on and with for the past few years.

We both trust the universe and each other entirely, so we accept what it brings us, we have standards which sets us apart from others -- nothing is surface everything goes deeper, and people see that as they deal with us: they never lose - we don't either. Moving with the flow to accommodate those souls that come to us, each one is different and the universe knows better then we -- that's why we are who we are and people who come to us are ready and respond the way they do. It's lasting and deep, everyone makes the choice how deep and far they want to take their their healing and learning with us.
Its always a Soul choice..

We connect to the positive powers and Raw cosmic energies, white magick and to those who seek miracles and blessings within and beyond their reality. Each of us took a hiatus and have traveled learning to far off places and hidden islands, sacred sites and met mystics and spiritual 'souls' alike. We have gathered a treasure trove of Magickal items and wonders from around the world that pulsate with some of the strongest white powers including mystical secrets that have allowed us to offer a number of services that are urgently required at this time. We work with the Angelic realms in the highest realms to empower other evolved souls.

If you are seeking profound and real change in your life and positive things to happen, do you feel a connection to the Cosmic forces and the multi-faceted world of metaphysical phenomenon? Do you gravitate to this message? Then this is no coincidence you have been drawn to this page.

Our Sacred elixirs, empowerment pendants and mystical stones are blessed and fortified with powers and secret esoteric knowledge - learn ways to connect with the wonderful magickal, mystical and positive powers that flow through the dimensions both seen and unseen. We hope to provide the ultimate metaphysical experience for those on the journey toward enlightenment and exploring the subtle realms.

We believe real magick reaches out to those who need it most. If you feel drawn to one of our items or services or feel a certain connection to any of these amazing metaphysical rarities please be open to the possibilities! We do not support or condone the practice of any dark magick or misuse of it, we always hold ourselves in Higher energy fields and stay away from lower vibrational and negative energies.

Magick is a source of energy available from everywhere: the elements, nature, the ethereal world. True magick aligns your energies with the positive, highest available energies in the Universe to bring all good and wonderful opportunities and things into your life.
We seek to bring light, joy and evolution to the soul and body experience, creating life changing results through these amazing times we are blessed and honored to be able to offer the empowerments.

Many blessings in these miraculous times!

Psychic Sisters


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