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I don't know how to thank you both for what this empowerment means to me. There are no words in existance to express the graditude I feel right now. Thank you just doesn't seem to say enough. I have been looking for such an empowerment for so long , something was missing and felt not quite right about me and I had been asking my spirit guide to show me what to do. And then there you were to help me. I have to say that you are a real blessing in my life and your beauty is clearly visible far beyond your picture ( which by the way is quite beautiful in itself )
I would like to ask if you can clairify your meaning of 16 levels. I do plan on working with my energy and stone with the up most positive and highest energy I can to help myself as well as others.
I will stay in touch and I am also using the Nirvana elixir and oil daily.


"I am overjoyed to say the least, I just want to say THANK YOU a gazillion times!!!

Thank you so so much for my xxxx, what a wonderful gift, words cannot express!!!
I feel happy to be in my place now and will make positivity and good thoughts and ideas into manifestation.

You have addressed issues which I knew where there. Some of the things you said about me are so lovely they have filled me with a confidence... it will help me to remember the light within and to not get too immersed in the illusion but to manifest what i need in this life.

Thank you again for all the wonderful words you have said to me, it is so so so good to be reminded and be told some good things about yourself, this will help me stay positive more than you know. J"


"The gratitude I have for the two of you can not be expressed in words. Thank you for everything. I feel I can trust you. Thank you so much. I really do feel like I need to be peiced together and that is what you guys did. I wish I could repay the favor. -Ken"


Lilly, Thanks for the empowerment, I was wiped out most of the rest of the day I am glad I planed for it. Powerful stuff you sent to me.
You You and Yasmine have changed my life in amazing ways that I know of. I am sure I am still growing from the first empowerments you did. I’m sure I’ll be noticing growth for years to come from this one. You do a wonderful service for the world, thanks so much!!! Daniel


"I am sure grateful I was lead to you wonderful people, you are changing my life in way I could have never imagined.
Thank you so much!XX"


"I have been keeping a list of things I have been experiencing because this empowerment is strongly affecting me in a lot of ways. When I say the effects of this empowerment are like BOOM I ain't kiddin. Angela"


"Lilly, I want to thank you for the empowerment you and Yasmine did. I am feeling the effects more and more all the time. I felt several things as it was being done over about a 2 and a half hour span. And since then the energy has been building and building. I was shopping today and felt fine when suddenly I felt a huge burst of energy rush through me then as I tried to walk I realized I had not control over my legs and they would not move right . haha I could see fine and didn't feel like I was going to pass out or anything but my movement wasn't easy to direct which made me unable to walk and balance right. I seemed to be outta my body. I have been very aware of the energy change since the empowerment. I am also seeing smoky energy masses in my home and flashes of movement and light almost all of the time. My mother is seeing the movement of things too which she usually cannot. Been grounding and drinking water and now resting. Thank you again for all of your help and healing energies. I really am grateful beyond words. Angie"

"Dear Yasmine, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and thanks to you and Lilly for doing my empowerment. The experiences I felt during the time were in some ways the same as the first empowerment, but yet this one had several of it's own feelings and insights. I am still feeling energies as I write this now. Thank you both for your time and healing energies. Love and Blessings, XX"

"I'm looking forward to these empowerments. I think I am just starting to really notice the results of the first one.
I am growing and changing quite quickly, it's been an amazing ride." X.X.

Hi wonderful sisters,
On the autumnal equinox you performed the Release Negative Patterns Empowerment for me.
Wow have I gone through some changes. Now I would like the Love Empowerment done.
Thank you so much for the first empowerment it's helped me a lot.
Thanks, Daniel


Hello Yasmine,
Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great day...my box from the empowerment came the day before so I had an even better birthday than I could ever imagine. I got several compliments from the ladies on my pendant... tell Lilly.... and the magical stone is so cute...elixirs are sacred.
The whole experience with you and Lilly is breathtaking..I love you all.
Thanks again. We will get that order together soon enough. My husband really needs it too. He is the sweetest man who honors nature in his heart and truly lives by it.
blessings, Tracey

I am sure doing my empowerment was no easy task at all. I have come a long way in my life and caused much harm to myself along the way. I have learn volumes of lessons and have soared to new heights spiritually. I am sure you could clearly see the damaged I have done and I apologize if this empowerment was hard to complete. I can only imagine what everything looked and felt like spiritually. I would also like to know if after time goes by can I ask for some sort of follow up to access if necessary ? ( If such is necessary). Again thank you sooo much! You are such an Angel !!!
P.S My back feels like someone has rubbed menthol up and down it. I can really feel the energy up and down my spine. I also feel tingling up and down my spine as well as on my head. Very cool! X X

Just wanted to let you know I am feeling the effects of my empowerment now. I am itching more than normal and I am feel like at times I am not completely in my body.I was walking through a pet store a minute ago and I felt like my body was going throughthe motions but that I was not in complete control. I don't know for sure if it is from the empowerment or the nirvana oil and elixir or from all three. I feel dizzy at times and that was not uncommon for me before the activationbut head rushes are at times severe. I haven't had emotional feelings yet but physicalone are definately there. I am able to handle these effects quite well over all withoutother people noticing any thing. I am happy though knowing that changes are coming and I am strong enough to handle all this. I know that I have another few months or more of these feelings and more I have yet to experience but I am looking forward to it all. Thank you.xxxxxx

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